Mt2Services - Autopatcher 2023 - Source C# - Own design in 5 minutes

By Cristian
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Autopatcher, Web Part, Access on Patcher Maker


Test Design Maker:

Comprehensive Statistics:
[*]Get real-time insights into the patching process with detailed statistics. Monitor the progress of updates and downloads like never before.
[*]Live online players, created accounts and characters from server connection.

Enhanced Security with SHA256:
[*]Enjoy heightened security as all updates are now verified using SHA256 encryption. Your data remains locked down, ensuring the integrity of your application.

Powered by C#:
[*]Our patcher is crafted entirely in C#. Benefit from the reliability and performance of this versatile language.

Lightning-Fast Downloads:
[*]Experience lightning-fast download speeds with our optimized patcher. Updates are delivered in a flash to keep your applications up-to-date.

Trusted and Secure:
[*]Our patcher is designed to avoid false virus detections. Rest assured that your software remains clean and reliable.

Easy to use and config
[*]All process to install during 30 seconds!!
[*]Make a design for patcher from our website and import only with a key
[*]Enable/Disable web browser in patcher
[*]Enable/Disable autostart after all files loading

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