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Client Binary, FreeBSD Library

Elevate Your Digital Security with MT2Services Server & Website Protection

MT2Services presents a cutting-edge server protection service, meticulously designed to provide an ironclad defense for your game servers and website. 

Here's why it stands out:

Holistic Security Measures:

  • Port Blocking Mastery: Lock down your Dedicated/VPS by blocking all ports, ensuring that only authorized traffic flows through.

  • User Access Control: Empower yourself with a dynamic allow list, effortlessly managed through our autopatcher or client interface. Grant access selectively for heightened security.

  • Granular Permission Management: Fine-tune permissions for MYSQL, FTP, and SSH with our intuitive protection interface. Have complete control over who accesses critical components of your infrastructure.

  • Advanced HWID and IP Blocking: Implement a multi-layered defense mechanism by blocking unauthorized PCs through intricate Hardware IDs and IP addresses. Thwart any attempts to breach your server.

User Information Insights:

  • Country and User Information Logging: Gain valuable insights into user demographics and behavior. Understand your user base better while staying vigilant against potential threats.

  • IP Change Monitoring: Stay one step ahead by tracking IP changes and actively preventing any attempts to bypass your protective measures.

Website Fortification:

  • Comprehensive Website Protection: Safeguard your online presence with a robust Web Application Firewall (WAF). Defend against cyber threats with our advanced Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection.

  • Live Stats for Actionable Insights: Monitor website traffic in real-time. Our live stats feature provides valuable data for strategic decision-making and immediate response to emerging trends.

Seamless Implementation and Compatibility:

  • Source Binary and Autopatcher Integration: Implement our server protection effortlessly with source binary and autopatcher integration. Enjoy a hassle-free setup for a quick and secure deployment.

  • Optimized for FreeBSD: Built and optimized for FreeBSD, our server protection solution ensures top-notch performance without compromising security.

Transparent Pricing:

  • First Implementation Included: Begin your journey to enhanced security with confidence - the initial implementation is included in our pricing.

  • Affordable Subsequent Installs: For any future changes, enjoy cost-effective subsequent installs at just 40 Euro. We believe in delivering value without breaking the bank.

Contact Us for Tailored Solutions:

Ready to fortify your servers and website?

Connect with mt2services on Discord at https://discord.gg/9BZE8QAhaK.

Our team is ready to discuss personalized solutions, ensuring your digital assets remain secure in an ever-evolving landscape.

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